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The Best Water Saving Shower Heads

Installing a water saving shower head goes miles in enabling you save substantially on water bills. Furthermore, you’re able to reduce impact on the environment. Courtesy of modern technology, individuals don’t need to make a selection between water saving and a great shower head. You can enjoy both. It is very much possible to have a satisfying shower as well as flow rates that are as low as 1.25 gallons every minute.

Advantages of Water Saving Shower Heads

The following are some of the advantages of water saving showerheads:

  • Great shower experience
  • Energy saving
  • Water saving

An array of models are available. Some of them provide better efficiency compared to others. To help you make an informed choice when it comes to the best water saving shower heads, here is a look at the best of the best:

#1: High Sierra 1.5 GPM

High Sierra 1.5 GPM

The High Sierra 1.5 GPM is definitely one of the most innovative showerheads in the market today. It uses a patented technology that helps you substantially save on energy and water. It features an anti-clog spray nozzle, which delivers a powerful spray, which feels like it is emanating from a higher flow showerhead. Nonetheless, it boasts an impressive water usage rate of only 1.5 GPM.

The solid metal construction as well as polished chrome finish promises long life of the unit. The fact that it’s highly affordable is also a huge plus for the High Sierra 1.5 GPM. For sure, this shower head is an ideal and cost effective way to save energy and water while at the same time making sure you enjoy a pleasant shower experience.

#2: Delta Faucet 75152

Delta Faucet 75152

The Delta Faucet 75152 is the best unit for those looking to save money and enjoy utmost flexibility. It gives you the opportunity to choose water flow of as low as 1.85 GPM or a higher water flow of 2.5 GPM. The fact that you can adjust the water flow rate is what makes it one of the best in the market. It simply means that you can choose to enjoy a high volume spray with it or comfortably save water with the low flow of water. The shower head features an impressive volume control lever, which you can effortlessly switch between different settings.

It employs the use of H2OKinetic technology that facilitates saving of close to 36% when compared to the other standard shower heads. The showerhead brings with it four large spray holes with an anti-clog design to guard against mineral buildup.

#3: American Standard 1660.717.002

American Standard 1660.717.002

The American Standard 1660.717.002 is a creative shower head that utilizes exclusive turbine technology to effectively save water while at the same time deliver an stimulating shower experience. The technology works by pressuring water into a small chamber, then spinning it using the turbine that adds some force to water flow and finally disperses it among the spray nozzles. In the end, you get a refreshing and energizing flow with close to 40% water saving. With this shower head, you can either have the option of 1.5 GPM or 2.0 GPM.

#4: Niagara N2515CH Sava Spa

The Niagara N2515CH Sava Spa also features in this list because of its impressive attributes. The WaterSense certified water saving showerhead brings with it a large spray head that offers a full body water-drenching experience. Boasting of chrome finish, it is made of plastic. The unit is designed specially to offer efficient water usage. It has a water flow rate of 1.5 GPM. Installing this amazing unit is very easy. All you need to do is unscrew and then remove your old shower head, and then screw this new one, and you’re good to go.

#5: Niagara N2915CH Earth Massage

The Niagara N2915CH Earth Massage provides a water saving flow rate of 1.5 GPM. It boasts a pressure compensating technology, which perfectly delivers a consistent water flow rate while at the same time utilizing less water. The unit brings with it nine jets that offer three different spray settings. They include a massage, needle, as well as a combination setting. Its body is made from a corrosion-proof ABS thermoplastic.


Are you interested in changing your shower head? If yes, then you need to install one that will help you save money on the long term. Low flow showerheads bring with them numerous advantages that make them hard to resist. Water saving showerheads are all about conserving energy. They use less water compared to the traditional ones. However, this does not mean that they are devoid of an impressive shower experience. Are you interested in saving money? Do you desire to reduce impact on the environment? If yes, then choose any of the above best water saving shower heads today. Doing so will help you accomplish these two important goals.


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Here’s How I Forage for Food

Foraging for your food in the countryside is one of the most satisfying things that you will do. There is a wealth of food out there, from berries to mushrooms and herbs and a lot of it just goes to waste as there are not enough people picking them. Of course, a lot of it will be returned to the ecosystem and will provide food for animals to see themselves through the winter. This is an important thing. However, it could also be seen as a wasted opportunity. If you want to forage then read on as this article will outline some rules that each and every forager should live by.

fruits and vegetables

Firstly, you should get to know your local ecosystem really well. Learn the names and identities of all of the weeds, herbs, mushrooms, trees etc in your area and try to generally learn as much as possible. This will put you in good stead for foraging and knowing what to forage and when to forage it. Try and gather a holistic knowledge of the role of each plant within the ecosystem. There will likely be some invasive plants around and it is worth gathering information on these. It is also a good idea to learn any plants that are poisonous so that you can learn to avoid them.


When it comes to poisonous plants you shouldn’t eat anything that you cannot identify. Make sure you check and double check a species before you consume it. Cross referencing is an important activity. There are non edible species that look very similar to edible species so make sure you are certain.


Make sure you know if a plant is endangered or rare. It is both unethical and illegal to pick many endangered plants. Similarly, make sure you are not picking plants from nature reserves.


Never take more than you need and always leave a certain amount of the plant left. Remember that if you remove the roots then the plant will die. Most plants are fairly hardy but they will not recover if you decimate the population. Once you harvested an entire area make sure it is a while before you return. Give it time to recover.


Never collect from areas that are likely to be polluted, such as by rubbish tips or near agricultural fields that have been sprayed with pesticides.


As always in the countryside make sure that you do not leave any litter behind.

Finally, don’t trust yourself 100%. Try before you consume. Rely on your senses. Smell a plant and rub it on your skin. If there isn’t any reaction then it is safe to put it to your lips. If still fine then consume a little. If still fine then consume the whole thing. Always take things slowly.