How to Live Off the Land

Do you ever think about leaving everything behind and going to live off the grid? Tired of working all the time and having no time for fun? Do you get sick of eating all the take out? Maybe the hustle of the city is becoming a little overwhelming. To many lights and not enough stars at night? Tired of being stuck in traffic while commuting back and forth? Living off the land sounds pretty relaxing. The four things you need to consider are land, water, shelter, and food.

Let’s talk about land. First, think about how much land will be needed? Some say around 5 acres is best, some say any amount you can afford. Remember, you will have to pay taxes on this land. Knowing these things before you make this move will help you to figure out a plan. Things to consider when buying land for your family would be the weather, quantity of timber, quality of soil, natural water source, and enough acreage for your needs. The possibilities are endless with a good piece of land.


Water is vital to our existence. Having a natural water source will eliminate making trips wasting time and money on attaining fresh water. You will need water for many things including feeding your animals, watering your trees and garden, and eating and drinking for your family. If you want a more civilized water source you could check out well digging services. Water tanks are also another option to check into. It all depends on what your land offers and what you will need to live comfortably.


Shelter is important to keep you safe. Before you head off to live on the land make sure you have thought about what kind of shelter you will have. Do you have a camper? Do you want to build a small home or a basement underground to start off? Do you have the funds to have someone build you a home? Some people waste all their funds on trying to have a lavish home to start with. That is not going to make this an easy switch for you. You need to first get your land ready for preparing food for your family. Save your resources for the more important things. All you need is a small shelter to keep your family safe for resting and sleeping. Time is now on your side, slow down and build as you go. This will allow you to appreciate what you have and what you build.

Food is about nourishment to your family and your animals. It is going to be your daily chore, that seems to take most of your time. In the beginning you will work very hard planting and getting your garden to grow. Planting fruit trees will be a long term perk for the kids, these are not a priority right off. Remember to start off slow with only the things you need to stay nourished. Having land with great soil will definitely help to grow your food with less work from you. Research is needed beforehand to find out what materials are needed to keep your animals and garden safe in all types of weather. How is the weather during winter on your land? Do you need a greenhouse? Having small game like chickens, ducks, squirrels, rabbits, and fish will keep some variety in your diet. What will your animals need to keep them happy and producing in all four seasons? Having bigger game like cows and pigs will take more space. Are you going to have a smokehouse for meat? What about some kind of milk storage?